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Please be sure to consider the BENEFITS of our program when choosing your holiday shop supplier!


  • A Family Business with Over 35 Years of Experience and Integrity! We’re extremely proud to have been chosen by thousands of volunteers who have placed their trust in us!

  • Quality Gifts – We are the only supplier who designs 100% of our items & packaging.

  • In addition, we buy direct from the manufacturers to keep our prices low for a child’s budget.

  • Safety Tested – All children’s items and jewelry have been tested and meet or exceed the standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

  • New Merchandise Selection Every Year – We offer a complete new line of merchandise every year. We will not send you 50 new items and the rest closeouts or fundraising overstocks!

  • Risk-Free – All the merchandise is on consignment! Return unsold merchandise, no freight charges, no hidden cost….pay after your sale is over!

  • Select the Dates You Want – Run your shop when it is convenient for you!

  • Free UPS Next Day Air Reorders – We allow you to place one reorder every day of your sale! Most of our competitors will restrict the number of reorders you are allowed.

  • Custom Chairperson Website – 24/7 EASY online access. View everything Online: starting inventory, tracking, re-ordering, invoicing and have access to all support materials 24/7.

  • Price Coded Merchandise – No more looking up the price of each item over & over again!

  • Cash Register App – Make checkout 3x faster! Available for Apple: iPhone, iPad, iTouch; Android & web based which will work on any computer, tablet or smart phone.

  • Free Supplies – Posters, Parent Letters (English/Bilingual), Budget Envelopes, How-To- Manual, Tablecloths, Pre-Priced Tent Cards, Gift Bags and more.

  • Pictures of Our Items Make it Easy – Pre-priced tent cards, box inventory sheets, closing sale sheet all have pictures of our items to make: set up, shopping and closing your sale easy!

  • $5.00 Merchandise Guarantee – Our I.O.U. System is backed by a $5.00 Guarantee to make sure every child will have exactly what they want for the holidays!

  • 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee – If a gift is damaged, broken or a parent isn’t happy for any reason we will replace it or refund the child’s purchase at any time!

  • Earn Approximately 10%, 20% or More Profit by Setting Your Own Prices.


PLUS…Choose an Early Sign Up Bonus!

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