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"Cash Registers" are thing of the past.  Use our newly

re-designed Cash Register APP!  Visa / Mastercard now available for both iPhone & Android Devices

Profit Percent

The profit amount your school signed up for will automatically be loaded

Price Codes

Each product has a price code number.  Just enter the code to see the price.

Remove Last Item

Hit a code by accident?  This new feature will remove last item.


Heading 1

Current Totals

As each code is selected, the total amount will update in large print.

Code Quantities

As each code is selected, a red circle with a number will keep track of quantity.

Cash or Credit

Now features the ability to do a Visa or Mastercard Credit Card sale. 

Cash Register APP Info


The Cash Register App allows you to simple push the button on the APP that coorespondes to a price code found on each item.  Once you are logged in, the APP will be automatically programmed with the profit percent use set your Holiday Shop to when you signed-up.  This can be changed, if needed.

The APP can also be used for credit card processing on both Apple and Android devices!


Why Use the App and not an old school cash register?

"Old School  thought process is to use a cash register with 30 students waiting in line - like you would at a retail store without enough check-out lanes open.  Some of our competitors paint a picture that a cash register makes it easy, however they send you a register that is NOT pre-programmed, not pre-programmed with the prices you charge, or a register that has few pre-programmable keys and your cashier gets confused.  

Most of our groups have found that you can check out students much faster with multiple (2 or 3) cash boxes and our "price code sheet." Last year, a volunteer joked that we should create "an APP for that" - and we listened!   Now you have the best of both worlds: you can use our "price code sheet" or download our "cash register App" on as many devices as you like.  Speeding up checkout like never before!

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